Saturday, February 23, 2008


My last adventure in Florida was to go to Orlando, more specifically: DISNEYLAND !!!

I clearly remember when I was fifteen and many girls would decide between do a party or go to Disney. Almost 10 years later I had the opportunity to visit the Land of Fantasy.

Disneyland is huge, there are 7 different parks. As I went just in the weekend I could visit 2 parks only: The Magic Kingdom and MGM Studio.

I liked it very much, I felt like a kid again. Everything is really magic: attractions, shows, rollercoaster, Disney characters and unforgettable movies.

It is definitely a place to go back. I still have a ticket to visit 2 more parks and I want to go again!!!

Another thing that really called my attention was to see the history of Walt Disney. One person, with a dream, could change and impact the life of almost the entire world. It is amazing what he did, what he build, what he created. I was very inspired by his biography.


Gabiru said...

Brother! Saudades de vc! Legal vc ter ido na Disney, aposto que comprou uma camiseta com as orelhinhas do Mickey...


Floriano said...

sou o Latino, fui a AIESEC BH e fui para a Ucrania um pouco antes da Rafita. Vou te mandar um email pra trocar uma ideia ...
pois to apaixonado com uma garota de lá .. também !!! Ela ja veio e em Dez to indo pra lá dnovo

a Ucrania vai dominar o Brasil!!

KHIMAIR said...

que envidia !
algún día iré !
qué bueno saber de ti cosas gratas !