Saturday, February 23, 2008


My last adventure in Florida was to go to Orlando, more specifically: DISNEYLAND !!!

I clearly remember when I was fifteen and many girls would decide between do a party or go to Disney. Almost 10 years later I had the opportunity to visit the Land of Fantasy.

Disneyland is huge, there are 7 different parks. As I went just in the weekend I could visit 2 parks only: The Magic Kingdom and MGM Studio.

I liked it very much, I felt like a kid again. Everything is really magic: attractions, shows, rollercoaster, Disney characters and unforgettable movies.

It is definitely a place to go back. I still have a ticket to visit 2 more parks and I want to go again!!!

Another thing that really called my attention was to see the history of Walt Disney. One person, with a dream, could change and impact the life of almost the entire world. It is amazing what he did, what he build, what he created. I was very inspired by his biography.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Key West

Key West is a paradisiacal island, the southernmost point in the US, just 114 Km (90 miles) from Cuba. We went camping in Key West because hotels there are very expensive. There was a long time that I didn’t go camping, but we didn’t have any problems as the tent was easy to arrange and the place had all the convenience. We also had some nice visitors during the morning: some iguanas.

The funny part is that the island has a very big gay community. You can see the rainbow flag in many stores, the taxis are pink and at night gay’s night club is everywhere.

We had a delightful weekend in the beach !!!

Christmas and New Years Eve

This was my first Christmas out of Brazil, far away from my family. Actually it was very different for usual celebrations: I was not in Jabo, I didn’t go to the “pra├ža”, no family gift exchanges and I didn’t go to Gustavo, Bruno and Marcelo grandfather’s house to celebrate with them after my family goes to sleep. Svitlana and I went to dinner at night in a very nice restaurant with some Brazilians friends and after that we came back home. It was cool but very different.

At New Years we went to Fort Lauderdale beach. There were many Brazilians over there. I believe that the Americans went to the nightclubs and the Brazilians to the beach. We drunk some nice Rum and open the classic champagne at 00:00. It was short and fun.

2007 was an amazing year for me. I lived in many places, visit many countries, achieved many personal and professional objectives, met new friends and found my love. It couldn’t be better. I am very positive about 2008.

I wish you all a amazing 2008 !!!

Morikami garden

In Florida you can also find one the most famous Japanese gardens in the world: The Morikami Graden. It is a very beautiful place perfect decorated in the Japanese style.

There is a Japanese colony there that arrived in Florida many years ago. The place garden is perfect for meditation, reading and taking pictures. You can feel the peace in the environment.


After some months without seeing each other we spend 15 days together in Florida, US. I could write many lines expressing what it meant for us but I would prefer share some pictures, you can easily understand just by looking to our faces. I love you Svitlana.

The Everglades

Florida has a beautiful cost with amazing beaches but in the middle of the state there are the Everglades, a huge swamp with alligators and many other animals.

If you drive 20 minutes west from my house the landscape change for a typical cost style to typical swamp vegetation. I got to know a different side of Florida.

I saw many movies recorded at the swamp with airborne boats chases; being there was quite nice. After the airborne tour they take you to an alligators show and an American Indian does some demonstrations.

Cruise to Bahamas

It is unbelievable to say that but I went to a Cruise to Bahamas. Many big cruises departure from Miami harbor, what makes the cruise very cheap for local residents. Together with the AIESEC trainees we went for 3 days Cruise in “Carnival Fascination” – the fun ship!!!

The ship is like a city, you have everything you can imagine: many pools, Jacuzzi, casino, many restaurants, party salons, mini golf circuit, games, shows and a lot of people.

The feeling of being in the cruise, in the Caribbean, sun, beaches, clear water good friends, etc… it just awesome, lovely experience.

Bahamas is small and extremely fancy. The resorts are unbelievable and beach great.

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